PersonaTool - Hide my IP and surf the Web as different people

PersonaTool - Hide my IP and surf the Web as different people

PersonaTool lets you switch between completely different surfing identities in different windows.

Each browser can be started with different settings, including language settings, country of origin (we provide over 20 different locations around the world via Amazon, Google and Azure cloud outlets).

A special kick is: some of these proxies are explicitly supporting IPv6, so you can test your site against that!

When you post in forums and social networks, change to the person responsible for the content. Be that person in your PersonaTool browser! Build a history, collect the right cookies and become real!

Forget the IP blocking on YouTube or other video streaming platforms. You may watch anything, anywhere!

USD 9.95 MONTHLY published Desktop

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dimi says...
Very much needed, if you do reputation management for different customers... I always mix up logins and cookies! Can I have a discount, Ralf?
2nd March 2016 8:36pm
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