AwardWallet App - Manage Reward Programs On The Go

AwardWallet App - Manage Reward Programs On The Go

Enjoy Rewards when you Travel with AwardWallet App

Special discounts, frequent flier miles, rewards points, reduced rates, gifts – all these are reward programs and they can be a challenge to keep up with, especially when you are on the go and traveling. The AwardWallet App gives you the perfect solution to collating this information, by allowing you to keep track of all your travel and other reward programs in one easy to use app.

The AwardWallet currently supports 648 loyalty programs from hotels, airlines, credit cards, car rentals and so much more. With more than a decade of market experience, the AwardWallet is popular amongst all sorts of travellers.

You will find rewards programs for the following on this app:

  • Hotels - Reward clubs from all over the globe.
  • Airlines - Frequent flier programs from over 150 airlines.
  • Credit Cards - Rewards programs from banks, stores and credit card providers.
  • Shopping - Rewards points from department stores and retail outlets.
  • Rentals - Car rental rewards and discounts.
  • Dining - Discounts and rewards from popular outlets.
  • Trains - Points programs for train systems in different countries.
  • Cruises - Reward points programs for a range of cruises.
  • Surveys - Rewards from online survey sites.

With the AwardWallet App, you will avoid having unanticipated reward expiration or account closures, as all information remains up to date and you receive notifications when necessary.

This app is supported on iPhone, iPad and Android, and here is a free plan available. Download this app today or look for information on, and experience the simplicity of efficiency.

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Gizmo says...
This app is indispensable. This app is necessary for anyone striving to stay on top of their miles and points. This app is great in tracking all your frequent flyer miles in one place. When you have many rewards programs, it proves to be the pretty decent app.
24th May 2015 8:01pm
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