Workflowy App - Enjoy Making Your Items ‘Complete’ with Workflowy's Structuring Tools

Workflowy App - Enjoy Making Your Items ‘Complete’ with Workflowy's Structuring Tools

It is a common occurrence for one to sit in front of blank blog post window, and start writing from the top your head. 500 words later you remember what you intended to start writing, and that’s not what came out! With Workflowy app, the natural structure of writing occurs easily. It uses short lines within lists and sub-lists.

Workflowy app has a structure that will help you create something with a backbone when you are fleshing out an idea, getting an idea of what bits belong together, what bits are a part of bigger bits, and where you can mark items as ‘Complete’ to archive out of sight. This leaves you with a clear big picture that shows you anything you missed out.

There features of Workflowy include:

  • Sharing by private URL – You can invite people to view or edit just by sharing a secret link, no signup or login required.
  • Hashtag support – Tag things on multiple lists that you want to be able to see all at once.
  • Starring items – Create a quick-access shortlist for items you want to reach quickly.
  • It’s fast – And responsive. Makes everything better.

For a productivity app that is easy to pick up and use without having to think it, Workflowy app is really impressive. It definitely has a place in your productivity suite.

This app is supported on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download this app today on and enjoy the benefits that are built around bulleted lists.

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C Holbrow says...
I am unable to get anything done before workflowy. It helps me a lot and now, it is essential. Very well designed. Easy to use and available on every device. One of its best feature is Private url which enables the invited people to view or edit without login or signup.
24th May 2015 8:02pm
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