Visitor Management App by Proxyclick – Convenient and Efficient Visitors Management with included Kiosk App

Visitor Management App by Proxyclick – Convenient and Efficient Visitors Management with included Kiosk App

Organizing the visitors who come to your venue is a great way to build your business and exhibit excellent service. Visitor Management now has two applications that will help you make a fantastic impression. These apps allow you to access your list of visitors from anywhere at any time through your desktop, tablet or smartphone. These two applications are:

  • Web App for reception, security and staff
  • Kiosk App for visitors

There are many ways that this app will help you make an impression with your visitors. They will receive an email with meeting information, including an access map and if applicable, a parking place number. By the time they arrive at the reception, they will meet staff who know their name and all their visit details. This app is intuitive, allowing you to record how specific visitors are using your facility, as well as documenting their whereabouts.

The main features of this app include:

  • Pre-registration of visitors allowing you to prepare for them before arrival.
  • Overview of visitors of the day, so that you can track them to better meet their needs.
  • Emergency list which is easily accessible from any device connected to the internet.
  • Badge printing that is useful for meetings.
  • Visitors check – in kiosk screen, which can be accessed on an iPad app, Android tablets or any other touchscreen eg Windows-based large touchscreen display.
  • Visitor Management software is currently available in English, German, French, Korean, Dutch, Vietnamese, Italian. Other languages added upon request.

This software application has a monthly charge starting from $40 per month. One can enjoy a free 30 day trial period to get accounted with all its features and functions.

USD 40 MONTHLY published Online HTML5 Native


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