Appointment Scheduling Software AppointmentPlus

Appointment Scheduling Software  AppointmentPlus

More and more people around the world are starting to take their health and wellness very seriously. This can feel like a full time job, with keeping track of fitness training sessions, massage therapy, health screenings, and nutritional advice. Thankfully, the AppointmentPlus Wellness Scheduling Software provides an excellent solution.

This software is ideal for business that runs corporate wellness centers, or indeed, any other type of wellness operations. It helps the business fulfill its commitment to getting the client on the road to optimal wellness. For increased customer satisfaction and functionality, the software has the following features:

  • Allows customers to make a booking for their wellness appointments online.
  • Direct assistance to help clients reach their optimum wellness.
  • Gives customers the flexibility to make appointments when it is convenient for them.
  • Conveniently lists all locations on one page.
  • Allows for an increase in profitability through lead tracking
  • Includes a point of sale plug in to improve the return on investment

The AppointmentPlus Wellness Scheduling Software is even more convenient as it is integrated and compatible with various programs including Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and more. It is a web based app and is also compatible on smartphones.

Pricing begins at $34 per location, per month. There are a range of pricing plans available depending on your needs. You can also power up your plan by paying an additional fee for special features.

USD 34 MONTHLY published Online HTML5 Native


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