Asana - first-class project management and team communication

Asana - first-class project management and team communication

Asana - first-class project management and team communication

Asana is one of the best productivity apps for project management on the market, built with the idea of making collaborative assignments an easy task. Its main function is to integrate team communication, task management, calendar, scheduling and, project documentation. This helpful project tool manages not only communication, but also regulates the operation sequence within a project.

Whenever you might feel cornered with your time and need to act fast, this little practical tool will always be a good overview of the overall picture you have found yourself in. Another great thing is that it makes teamwork a lot easier as all tasks will be a lot easier to control. In addition to that, the communication will function effectively, since everyone knows what needs to be done.

The full-fledged web app works very effectively. The members are simply invited by e-mail and this process allows assigning specific rights to each employee.

Furthermore, the collaboration with other team members is user-friendly and designed to fit everyone’s needs. With Asana, project leaders can create different "Workspaces" in order to make the best plan for working in ingenious groups. The common workspace allows creating projects. Tasks are assigned inside the project. Project managers as well as team members have access to the relevant information and the chance to keep track of all the ongoing tasks and their progress.

Main features:

  • Always available via the web browser based desktop Asana offers an online software version for Mac, Windows and Linux, a native app for iPhone and iPad, and a mobile version based on HTML5 for Android.
  • Integration with other known online services: Instagantt (GANTT), Evernote, Google Calendar, Dropbox, GitHub, JIRA, Mailchimp, Wordpress and more.
  • Clear, intuitive and comprehensible interface.
  • Detailed overview of the tasks and priorities.
  • Suitable also for private project ideas.
  • Asana allows you to track multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Simplified, project-oriented team communication rather than confusing e-mails.
  • API for developers

If you are a businesses or self-employed individual, you even get the chance to try the service for free unlimited. For teams of up to 5 members, Asana will cost you only $21 per month.

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