Procurify App - Procurement Should Be Efficient And Easy!

Procurify App - Procurement Should Be Efficient And Easy!

Procurement officers often times have a hard time managing the procurement cycle, from order to payment. This is a problem you can avoid completely if you have the right tool. Try Procurify app to enjoy the most awesome and efficient procurement process ever.

Procurify app stores all your purchasing documents in a cloud, allowing you to track down the dates of previous purchases and all purchase activities. This is excellent for record keeping.

Use Procurify to manage your business budgets by tracking how much the business spends in a particular period. You can use this information to plan for future business expenditure.

Procurify app features:

  • Purchase order creation - where you create any order that you want to purchase.
  • Budget management - to determine how much the business is spending at a certain period of time.
  • Fraud prevention - to help you place orders safely with no fraud risks involved.
  • Tracking and reporting tools - to help you determine what the business has used in the past for the future purchases.

You do not require prior training in order to effectively use Procurify app. This app is available for use online and does not require any installations.

Procurify app is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Mac, Windows, web-based and mobile web app users. There is a 14-day trial after which you will only pay $45 per person, with no other charges. It is an app that is crucial for your business.

USD 45 MONTHLY published Online HTML5 Native


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