Newsletter Software: MPZ Mail for Extensive Reach

Newsletter Software: MPZ Mail for Extensive Reach

Customer engagement should be every businesses priority and a modern newsletter software will deliver excellent results. MPZ Mail is an app that creates for you unique communication, allowing for extensive and effective reach for your business.

This newsletter design software features attractive sign up forms that encourage your customers to subscribe to your newsletter. It then creates striking newsletters, sends these to your subscription list and keeps track of all the results letting you know details including how many newsletters were opened, bounced or links were clicked.

Business people all over the world can experience this newsletter software as it is available in several languages.

With MPZ Mail, it is possible to experience the following features:

  • Auto responders in case newsletters receivers have questions.
  • Bounce tracking to check how many newsletters actually reach the destination.
  • Mailing list management for the creation and maintenance of the mailing list.
  • Click through tracking to view what pages of newsletter are most popular.

You can choose to try this newsletter software by taking advantage of the free trial, and of you like what is available, you can enjoy the paid version at only $5 per month.

MPZ Mail app is compatible with Android devices, iPhones and iPads.

USD 5 MONTHLY published Online HTML5 Native


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