Customer Relationship Management: Pipedrive to Elevate Sales

Customer Relationship Management: Pipedrive to Elevate Sales

To excel and meet challenging targets, a sales person needs a tool that facilitates quality customer relationship management. Pipedrive is an app that helps sales people face their challenging targets head on.

This is how it works. To ensure that a salesperson executes all his essential activities, a sales pipeline is created. This forms part of the customer relationship management strategy, making it much easier to forecast sales. This also makes it easier to track jobs which are at varying stages of the sales process.

Some of the customer relationship management features that a sales team can benefit from include:

  • Calendar management allowing for meeting deadlines with clients.
  • Customer portal that facilitates communication.
  • Easy to use and navigate due to simple interface.
  • Customizable to meet specific business needs.
  • Lead management that makes it easier to close on sales.
  • Customer support to handle all queries quickly and efficiently.
  • Interaction tracking which enables quick follow up.

This app costs $12 per month per user and there is a free trial offer.

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