Talent Management: IBM Kenexa for a Smarter Workforce

Talent Management: IBM Kenexa for a Smarter Workforce

Finding and retaining skilled workers can be expensive for any company; therefore, the best way to manage these existing workers would be talent management. IBM Kenexa is a talent management app that enables organisations to develop a smarter workforce.

This talent management app has been designed to be of use to companies of all sizes. It does so by employing a talent management strategy that makes it easier to identify the best employees, thus putting conditions in place to retain them. It also allows for creation of career development paths for all employees. Through IBM Kenexa, it is also possible to bring out the best from the existing talented workforce.

Users can experience the following features for better talent management:

  • HR management to keep track of talented staff.
  • Individual development plans to build up the workforce.
  • Competency management to check that staff is able to function.
  • Skills assessment for quick evaluations.
  • Performance appraisal to determine improvements in the workforce.
  • Career development planning to map out a way forward for each individual.

This Talent Management app is available free of charge.

IBM Kenexa app is compatible with Android devices and iPhones.

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