Marketing tool: Increase your target audience with Leadna

Marketing tool: Increase your target audience with Leadna

Have you noticed lately how social media is taking the world by storm as a marketing tool? The LeaDNA app is the easiest and fastest way to reach a big audience through social media. This is one of the surest ways to excel in your business. By using this platform as a marketing tool, you are guaranteed that your product and business will surely get out there and receive the recognition it needs.

LeaDNA allows you to measure your marketing ideas results with in-depth reports and gives you direct feedback from clients whether negative or positive.

LeaDNA as a marketing tool is an all in one marketing solution that streamlines email marketing, social media management, content marketing and direct marketing. It is the way to go as it has a lot of advantageous features compared to other similar tools.

Some lead generation and social media features:

  • Auto responders so your customers information is always up to date
  • Campaign management to provide feedback on campaign success
  • Contact database allowing you access to a pool of clients information
  • Events triggered emails so that you are always up to date

The best thing about this platform is you are guaranteed once it gets out there, it will not stop and it will reach millions of people thanks to the sharing tab.

Pricing: You can download it at a starting fee of $295.00 per month.

It is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

USD 295 MONTHLY published Online HTML5 Native


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