Why apps.orga.zone?

The App Stores for native Apps on iPhone, Android or Windows are growing in to a vast ecosystem. Purely browser based applications also gain some momentum - Mozilla runs a pretty marketplace for apps on their browser system, eg.

Yet, we found there is a void space for business driven applications, which improve your productivity without the detour of the app stores:

Productivity Web Apps

We solely collect Apps for the improvement of your (business) day efficiency. All registered applications are manually checked and we focus on web apps in HTML5/Javascript.

No Installation

Pure Web Apps on smartphones can do a lot on your device - without security risks and without installation of extra software from any app stores. HTML5/JS allows you to access the GPS, upload images, synchronize data and so on. No need to waste time and money on native apps for simple tools!

With modern caching options and the possibility to add your app to the home screen of the smartphone or tablet, you are ready to go!

Open For Your Business

With our free directory and our development examples we provide the perfect starting point for HTML5/Javascript developers to participate in this fascinating market and provide productive apps in a short time.

To upload your first app or register your own URL, you may: Register for free.